Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Night & the Guys (Luiz, Travis, Zack, & Dylan)

Ping Pong, Foosball, the Little League World Series, Spaghetti, Bagels with Peanut Butter, and then a tour of the town with the guys... Saturday night in Rumford.

A Picture's Worth Thousand Words (or funny titles)

Real Multitasking....

During the Red Sox game
on Friday night:
On Skype with Marcelo,
a friend from Brasil, while
chatting with American
Soccer Friends on

Brasil 23, America 21....

Kyle the Keeper goes down in defeat to Luiz the Midfielder.

Hi Mom & Dad... Look what Rich taught me today in America!

"America has been berry-berry good to me!" --Luiz Gustavo Ristow

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Evening soccer

Kyle the keeper having a bad hair day... after Luiz's first soccer practice.

The team discussing a great Wednesday night match vs. Class A Leavitt Area High School. MVHS lost 3-1, but it was a wonderful result for the smaller school with younger players. Congrats, Falcons!


Luiz speaking with Rich's assistant, Heather (Pumpkin) at the university. And Rich wearing his new favorite soccer team's jersey thanks to Luiz and his family!

A day of visiting and rest and soccer

Luiz has met Aunt Connie & Uncle Ben; he has said hello to our friend Gayle as well as the furry family members Bapu and Minga. He has visited the soccer pitch and the school and the ski area; he has said hello to the school principal Mr Gilbert, teachers and soccer parents Mr. & Mrs. Carver ... and importantly, Coach Dumas. Now, more unpacking, Facebook, Messenger, a nap, and soccer at 5pm.... Red Sox at 7 pm!

And we both wonder, Where in the World is Yago?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Luiz Arrives!

He's here!

Bem-vindo, Luiz! Três vivas para o Brasil!

As I write this blog post, Luiz is soaring over Latin America heading toward Florida. He arrives in Portland at 10:05 pm. I have taken down Mr. Obama from our porch and have replaced him with a Brasilian World Cup t-shirt. Now, the beds are made, the refrigerator is full, the house is clean (kind of... well, not really), and many friends, classmates, soccer friends, and second family wait for their new friend-brother-son to arrive.

Here's to Luiz's family & friends back home in Brasil. We will care for him as you have through the years.

Welcome, Luiz!

Translation: Enquanto eu escrevo este blog, Luiz está subindo a América Latina posição em direção à Flórida. Ele chega em Portland at 10:05 pm. Eu tenho feito exame para baixo de Obama de nossa varanda e substituiu-o com uma brasileira da Copa do Mundo t-shirt. Agora, as camas são feitas, a geladeira está cheia, a casa está limpa (tipo de ... bem, não realmente), e muitos amigos, colegas, amigos do futebol, segunda família esperam o seu novo amigo-irmão, filho-de chegar.

Aqui é a família de Luiz e amigos de volta para casa no Brasil. Nós vamos cuidar dele como você tem ao longo dos anos.

Bem-vindo, Luiz!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Days on Burt's Point, Webb Lake, Weld, Maine...

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The Handsome & Wise Kent Brothers (at least 3 of the 4)

Kent Kids & Friends at Webb Lake

Top: Ryan & Meg
Middle: Tyler & Jackie
Bottom: Victoria & Katie

Kent Kids & Friends at Webb Lake

Pizza Night at Weld Camps

Game Warden Checking on Safety Equipment: All Set!

The Kent kids & friends

Jackie, Tyler, Ryan, Meg, Victoria, & Katie in Rich's ping pong basement in Rumford.

Anne & Rob Kent and kids Tyler, Ryan, and Victoria

Rich's brother Rob and his family...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

MVHS Varsity Soccer Schedule 2009

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MVHS Junior Varsity Soccer Schedule 2009

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Luiz, his Grandpa, brother, and cousins

Paulo, Grandpa, Marie Luiza, Luiz, and brother Guilherme in the red hat.

Happy Birthday
Marie Luiza!

Yago windsurfing near his home

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Announcing the birth of Zellie Kent!

Welcome to the world, Zellie! Little does he know that he's landed at the Club Med for dogs!

Zellie protecting his mom & dad's Veterinarian Hospital.

Pam & Fred, proud parents of Zellie.

The Bravest Ship in the Spanish Navy

Yago's dad, Yago, will captain this research vessel to Antarctica in the fall and early winter for 6 months while young Yago is in the United States. This photo is in Antarctica. As the commander said, "She is not the biggest ship in the Spanish Navy, but certainly the bravest!"

Fair winds, Yago.