Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alex (Sweden) Skyping with Luiz

On Friday afternoon just before heading down to our friends Kate and Gayle's for dinner, Alex and Luiz chatted on Skype. Luiz was at his neighborhood friend Marcelo's home. The talk, of course, focused on Rumford, a small milltown in western Maine. Alex assured Luiz that the kids are fun, the soccer team is entertaining, and that the main interests of students at Mountain Valley High School beyond school and sports were hanging out at friends' homes, heading to the movies, and skiing in the winter. Alex also reassured Luiz that Rich is strict (rules rules rules... ;-) but fun... and he cooks a kickin' chicken quesadillas.   

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Allen said...

Serving my version of queasy-dillas today for lunch at Camp. Jim & Debbie Stewart and Dot & Andy Grannell (Stephens HS 1961 classmates) will attend. Hope you can make it, too!